Vendor Code of Conduct

Expedia Group is committed to promoting a positive work environment and maintaining the highest levels of ethics and integrity.? Expedia Group requires its Vendors be committed to these same principles. Our Vendors’ business and labor practices (and those of their subcontractors) must comply with all applicable laws, agreements between any member of Expedia Group and Vendor as well as the requirements of this Vendor Code of Conduct. All Vendors will be required to educate and, when appropriate, train their representatives to ensure they are aware of Expedia Group’s expectations regarding their behavior.

Privacy and Data Handling Requirements

Expedia Group takes the security and privacy practices of companies it does business with extremely seriously, and we expect our vendors and other business partners to do the same.? The purpose of these Requirements is to establish those minimum information security standards and data privacy requirements that must be adhered to by any company performing services for an Expedia Group company or who otherwise has access to such Information.